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Aire Press On Nails Kit

Aire Press On Nails Kit

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Includes: Nails, Nail glue, Nail file, Buffer block and Cuticle stick.

🎀 Durable Nails can last up to 3 weeks
🎀 Waterproof
🎀 5 Minute Application
🎀 Salon Quality
🎀 Reusable

How to Apply:
1. File Nails and push back cuticles.
2. Lightly buff the nail bed to prep the nail.
3. Apply a thin even layer of glue to the natural nail.
4. Align artificial nail with the cuticle line and press downward toward the tip of the nail. Press firmly for 15 seconds.
5. Cut and/or file nail to desired shape/size or leave as is.

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